Individual Sessions

From a health condition requiring a lifestyle change to guidance in creating healthier meals for your family, we will work together to build your confidence and allow you to take control of your health. All plans are tailored to your unique nutritional needs based on your medical history and goals.

Group Sessions

Companies today understand the benefits of corporate wellness programs to control high health care costs, as well as improved productivity and morale amongst employees. Learn how we can create a culture of health and happiness for your workforce!

Grocery Store Walkthroughs

I can join you in a trip to the grocery store. I can give you immediate feedback on individual items based on your dietary needs and goals.

Live Cooking Lessons

Bringing enthusiasm and passion to the foods I cook is essential to me. I can show you items to cook to meet your goals as well as how to cook them. I can provide a space or I could come to your location to cook a meal and show you how easy it can be to find the intersection of healthy and delicious.