About Me

Penelope Bonaparte, MS, RD, LDN

Meet Penelope

Registered Dietitian

Hey, I'm Penelope! I believe harmony is the balance of mind, body, and spirit as well as the balance of nutrition as a science and an art. My goal is to empower you to define your unique lifestyle of harmony. I know we will be most successful if we move at the speed of trust.


My passion for nutrition developed from several key experiences.

  • Growing up with a brother with many severe food allergies required my family to completely change our eating and cooking habits.
  • Additionally, as a young adult, my own battle with IBS that onset in college required me to re-evaluate my diet.
  • Volunteering and working with food justic and food advocacy organizations in North Carolina and Michigan comfirmed my appreciation for equity in the food space.
  • I believe that food is a conduit for love, community, and culture.